Have a guess – and win special prizes!

Are you a fan of magic creatures? I know I am.

10 years ago, my Erasmus friends and I were on a trip to the beautiful Lake District, UK. We met this sheep. It wasn’t a simple sheep though – there was something that set it apart. But what was it?

Before we unveil both story and truth, here is your chance to score a special prize.

The rules are simple – guess the superpower. You can comment here or on Twitter or Facebook. If you get it right, you win. If no one does, the best answer wins.

For your answer, please include the hashtag #BigPlateofSideorders. Of course, you may additionally  reference the author personally and or share this post or the main landing page of the Erasmus memories posted right here.

Prize options are: an upcoming posting topic of your choice, an Erasmus in Liverpool cheat sheet, a copy of my upcoming novel and of course extensive bragging rights.

Time’s running. Last answers to be accepted on March 2, 11 pm CET.

The winners will be announced the following day along with the solution in the newest excerpt from A Big Plate of Sideorders.

Good luck and may this very sheep be with you!


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