And the greatest country in the world is…

It´s decided. Affirmed by the generally accepted, clearly objective standard of having read #BecauseIwriteso the most, still ahead of the place I come from and as you can see from the image below besting plenty of other heavyweights from around the globe, not just the read-a-lottest but globally bestest nation has proved to be LITHUANIA!

Rules are rules and promises remain promises. Which means that the next entry on this page shall not be in English as so often, not even in German, as would be comfortable, but in neckbreaking Lithuanian. Wish me luck. I am off self-torturing. See you around in a few days. Iki greito!


Honorable mentions: France (15), Iceland, Australia (12 each), India (9), Finland, Sweden (8 each), Portugal (7), Austria (6), Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Belgium (5 each), Singapore (4), Romania, Ukraine, Japan (3 each), Brazil, Israel, Trinidad and Tobago, Croatia (2 each), Gibraltar, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Ireland, Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Thailand (1 ambassador each). Oh, and some who come from the European Union and feel that is enough of national marking.

This has gone far more global than I thought! What a fun ride this blog is.


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