Coffee for two

Most of the time

My wife and I have our coffee the Lithuanian way

A good heap of ground powder on the bottom of a cup

Boiling hot water not quite to the brim

Enough space for one spoon of sugar

And some milk from the fridge

It´s best when drunk together.



Sitting down on the balcony

With the steam of our coffees


Can stop

For a few minutes


When bitter coffee with more than a hint of sour

Passes over my tongue

Leaves a little sweetness

Pours down my throat

Very slowly

Like a memory seeping it



We go Espresso

Every drop of it, every sip

Is a small escape

To a place

That only we know.


I drank my first one

On the town square of Amarante

Over us a splendid sun

On the very first day

Of running away

From it all.


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