A Big Plate of Sideorders

A comprehensive guide to how it almost certainly wasn´t.

75 things or so you could, should or will be doing during your Erasmus time

Anytime I find out about someone´s participation in the Erasmus Programme, I ask a very simple question: How did it go for you? Time and time again, the answer has been the same, verbatim, literally hundreds of times: “It was the best time of my life.”

I am one of those that so fondly remember their time abroad, a time of internationalism, friendship, music and love.

In a time when Brexits, Trumps, le Pens, Alternatives for Germany, a new-found xenophobia and nationalism as well as narrow-mindedness in politics and people are leading the world into a new, worrying direction, the chance for international fraternisation and understanding that is Erasmus has to be valued even higher. Erasmus is magic, overall, and it has been such for me.

Chapter 1 – the first evening out

Chapter 2 – the city and us

Chapter 3 (snippet) – of ballet and nations

Of thrills, terrorists and toothless Birkenheads – first trips and why we are where we are

Gigs, dance and Becherovka – of hot cellars and late nights

Of squirrels and international understanding

Bad hair days, Chinese New Years and lots of music

Up the Anglican: Of Religion, old and new, and of looking down

Lake District: Oh what a sheep!

A new moon

Our first Performance – of naked audiences and shaky knees

Conductor crushes and clubs from the outside

All them Empires striking back OR: Why Chewbacca never pees

Sexy faces, sexyfaces

Murder plans, ricochets and simple solutions

“It is paramount we bring together young people from all over Europe and all over the world. This is our task. This is the goal of our time if you want. The more we can make them understand each other´s background and culture, you see, each other´s traditions and philosophies, the better our world will be in the future, or at least the lesser it will go on decline.”

(Dr. James Kenneth Roberts)


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