Overlooked video clips you should be watching at least once a week

With now at least two generations having grown up with the art of music videos, I feel like looking back a little and raving a bit about those videos that I feel are wonderful yet sometimes overlooked. I am not including undeniable classics like the storytelling masterpieces of Michael Jackson (beat it, Bad, Thriller, Billie Jean), the clouds, the hairdo and Helena Christensen in Chris Isaac´s Wicked Games, the unerring walk in the ultimate one shot video for Massive Attack´s “Unfinished Sympathy”, the overflowing creativity in any Ok Go video ever, the Smashing Pumpkins flying to the moon or the handsome aggression of Nirvana´s “Smells like teen spirit”. Everyone knows those. And they should. But beyond these and other classics and aside from a lot, a lot, a lot of trite, tacky or simply crappy stuff, these are my Top Videos I feel I want everyone to see. Again and again. Continue reading


Course of recognition (Original song)

This was the result of a little play of mind, starting from the spontaneous first line that somewhat rang a bell. I particularly liked the indefinite article in the first half line. The rest followed in one go. It´s sort of trafficking big ideas, or rather big questions, in small scenes of innocent helplessness.

I hope you enjoy it. Lyrics below.

Met a pope, we had a blast / Made some cookies out of grass

I asked him: Fella, do you believe? / He said: That´s relative, but maybe God believes in me.

Met a sinner who was just like me / We got along rather instanstly

I asked him: Mister, do you believe at all? / He said: That’s relative but it needs to be somebody’s fault


It´s all just a course of recognition / It´s all just simple definition

And whatever we say and whatever we do / The bottom line is that we don’t have a clue


Met a ghost, we had some fun / scared some school children into a run

I asked him: fella, do you believe in souls? / He said: that´s relative, I mean, existence as a whole

Met my spouse, we had a talk / Needed to share some of our thoughts

I asked her: baby, do you believe in love? / She said: that´s relative, my dear, but I believe in what we have


It’s all just a course of recognition / It´s all just simple definition

And whatever we say and whatever we do / The bottomline is that we don’t have a clue.


Met myself, had a go / At saving my poor little soul

I asked myself: do you believe in fate? / I said I believe that we’ll find out when it’s too late.


(c) Robin A. Mück, 2017

When Bruce Willis sang for me (in my dream)

It must have been the very end of the last millennium. I was a pretty unexciting adolescent who had just discovered the benefits of boredom. The TV set in my room had become one of my best friends and spent many unnecessarily late evenings with me.

I remember that one time quite well. I was listlessly thumping my way through channels late night, not quite willing to hit the hay just yet. Because that of course would mean I would stoop to sensible and thus despicable adult behaviour. No. I would stay put right here. Oh the amazement of exactly how many bad programme choices TV executives could possibly make simultaneously. An endless series of meaningless colourful images slowly but surely numbing me to sleep. Perfect.

As so often I got caught up on VH1. They would often play the old-fashioned music I would not hear elsewhere and I was up for it. I had heard Freebird the first time there. They played Stairway to Heaven in its entirety. And this time? VH1 was often my last savior before total madness. The multiplied gravity working on my eyelids told me it would be the last thing I saw that night. Continue reading

Our first Performance – of naked audiences and shaky knees

So when we were on our way to the Academy Restaurant in the Liverpool Community College at Duke Street, he chatted with the pretty Turk and they laughed and still danced a bit more in the street. There was something about the way she touched his arm. I am not sure he noticed but I was pretty sure Agnes did.

     Ken, with Hana´s help, had organized a posh dinner for us, and the caravan was drooling over the ideas the menu had inspired. Chicken and Bacon gateau with apricot chutney, smoked haddock and bacon rarebit, corned beef pilaf, chicken sauté Bourguignonne, a tian of braised oxtail, lamb with potato Fondant, vegetable primavera, apple tarfait and other things I could not pronounce. Continue reading

Schedule for Music Week

With Yumweek just over, BecauseIwriteso moves over to MUSIC! Good news? I sure hope so!

Here´s what you can expect:

Tuesday, March 21 – A new chapter from “A Big Plate of Sideorders“, this time: OUR FIRST PERFORMANCE. On naked audiences and shaky knees.

Wednesday, March 22 – A short story on how a very famous actor, who I (and you?)didn’t know could sing, sang for me. More or less.

Thursday, March 23 – Bad movies, great soundtracks. Quite the compilation.

Friday, March 24 – The premiere of an ORIGINAL SONG of mine.

Saturday, March 25 – A selected bunch of links you should listen to.

Please do enjoy. And be as involved as you wish. Stay tuned!

Would you dare go to this restaurant?

Hey food lovers, connoisseurs of decent plating and food daredevils! There is a special restaurant in Taiwan that has its own take on how food should be served. I used to love giving my students the following description and let them come up with concepts on what that restaurant might be:

It all started when one of us was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on […] – and the rest is history. In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream […] in containers shaped like a […]. Continue reading