Murder plans, ricochets and simple solutions

“I hate this fucker!”

Jonathan threw one of the darts as hard as he could, missing the bull´s eye only by a milimetre.

“Fuckgood shot. I could kill him, this little ass.” He threw another one. “Paul, sincerely, I could kill him.”

“Good lord, man, who are you even talking about?”

“Her friggin lecturer. Silke, she keeps raving about him, this punk. Oh, he´s sooo intellectual. He´s sooo interesting. He´s always so welldressed. Bah!”

He hurled his last dart against the wall.

“If I hear about him just one more time, I swear, Paul, just one more time, I won´t be able to control myself.” He smiled while he said it, but it was not clear what exactly that smile meant. Continue reading